PPY Plane Transfer Type

PPY Plane Transfer Type product is mechanical parking system which uses the carrier to move the car or the parking pallet on the same horizontal layer to realize the car parking and retrieving. Multilayer Plane Transfer Type parking system also needs the lifter to achieve the lifting between the different layers. The equipment uses laser ranging to walk and location, and it uses optical communication wireless signal transmission, variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) drive and microcomputer control mode to enable the whole parking system to achieve low vibration, low noise, low cost and high efficiency. Built-in automatic lifting and rotating device, equipped with advanced navi🎀gation instructions, without the driver’s reverse, high automation, so it has technical advantages over other types of parking system.

Features of equipment:

1. Layout form: flexible layout, entrances and exits can be at the top, middleꦬ and bottom.

2. It can be divided into traversing carriage and longitudinal delivery, longitudinal carria☂geꦛ and transverse delivery.

3. With hig🥃h system integration and fast carrying speed.

4. With high intelligence, the complete machine is composed of PLC control system and a complete set 🧸of parking detec🐟tion and guidance system, security protection system, automatic fire control system and so on, so it is a high-tech product with high technology content.

5. Intelligent management: combined with the actual environment to set up a variety of entrances and exits to facilitate vehicle access; after vehicles stop at the entrance and exits of the parking system, staff can leave. Docking vehicle license plate recognition system and charge management systꦅem f🍌unction.

6. Security: the system can automatically identify the persons i✅n the parking system, when there is no one in the parking system, the system can start, safe and reliable.

7. Use of touch screen configuration control can monitor the running condition of the parking system in all d🐎irectio﷽ns.

Manipulator PPY

Unique Technology:

𝓀1. There is no parking pallet on the parking place but only steel plain form, thus making it with high efficiency and rela🏅tively low cost.

2. Net height of the parking laye💖r only needs 1700mm.

3. Mode of transport selects🦩 manipulator holding type, with tꦛhe characteristics of high system integration, fast handling speed, low failure rate, etc.

Using ultra-thin manipulator independently developed by our company (the international patent for invention) to achieve free access of the car whose base plate is more than💞 110mm.

4. In case of a system exception, maintenance personnel can timely manually take the car, not affecting the driver's travel.

Parking Pallet PPY

Unique Technology:

1. There has parking pallet on the parking place, so it can be used as a chargin꧟g parking space.

2. It can🅠 be used for traversing carriage and longitudinal delivery, longitudinal carriage and transverse delivery.

3. It has two kinds of technologies: friction wheel and hook🔯 and pull.

Comb Teeth PPY

Unique Technology:

1. Use the comb frame to exchange car accessi🔴ng mechanism to improve efficiency and save cost.

2. As a carrying mechanism for parking vehicles, the comb frame ca🧸n load 2350kg.

3. Set up automatic centering mechanism for vehicle's automatic rectification to ensure smooth operation.

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