CDQ Waste Heat Boiler
Sintering Cooler Waste Heat Recovery Power-gen System

Product Features

1、Waste heat power-gen system ꦆcomprises of the patented Efficient Dual-Pressure Sintering WHRB with Steam compensating type Steam Turbine, generating 20~30% higher than the like products;

2、Equipped with 100% bypass system between the gas heat recovery system and sintering ꧂cooler, to assure the safety and normal operation of sintering process.

3、The boiler exhaust gas is recycled to siꦆntering cooler in order to reduce the hot gas and sintering dust pollution and also increase the initial terp🌟erature of waste gas;

4、For the feeding gas system,high & low temperature respectively pass through different ducts to boiler and improves the waste heat utilization ratio, recovering extra 30-40% low-temperature waste gas heat, to fulfill the fu𒀰ll recycle and recovery of waste gas heat.

5、The boiler is designed with dual-pressure steam and self-deoxidizing system, simila🎉r to HRSG in Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP),improves~7.5% waste⛦ heat utilization ratio.

6、Boiler heating surface is designed as module type in order to guarantee production quality and meanwhile save the installation time on jobs♍ite.

Coke Dry Quenching(CDQ)WHRB

Product Features

1、Tailor-made desi🌜gn with v🅰ariant design parameters;

2、Natural or forced circulation fulfills different reཧquirement;

3、Membrane type gas duct ensures tightness;

4、Top suspended convection heating surface;

5、Centralized down-comer for safe & reliable water circulat🍷ion;

6、State-of-art manufacturing process as well as strict🍰 inspection standard.

Converter WHRB

🌺1、Precise calculation of water circulation to ensure safety and reliability combines with forced and natural circulation according to different structures;

2、Full automatic submerged are welding with deep penetration and relief annealing treatment in🌞 order to satisfy the frequent start-up;

3、Precise expansion measurement:reserving expa🌳nsion space between reinforcing beam a꧃nd membrane wall.During flange connecting, there is axial direction expansion space in each section.There is the radial swell increment in support.

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